Thursday, October 09, 2008

What the LDS Church Teaches

I will NEVER claim to be an expert in this area... and I have many friends, coworkers and readers that are LDS Mormons whom I respect a great deal, as they have outstanding morals, values, and work ethics. I know that I don't believe the same way they do, nor do I read the same Bible as they do, but I certainly do respect them.

I have long desired to get a better understanding of their faith: the basis of and the background of it. Surprisingly, I came across this series while visiting a blog (can't remember which one, because I've spent so much time here that I've lost track of how I clicked in), but the author of this blog has begun a series on what the LDS church teaches, what the Bible says, and what her personal opinions and conclusions are.

While I don't know her personally, she is a professed born-again Christian, her writtings support this, and she is followed by many women that I personally know, admire and respect highly with regards to their Christian walk and faith in Jesus Christ. She is someone that I'd like to get to know on a more intimate basis... and I must say that she certainly has bravely dug in with both sleeves rolled up, where few dare to tread! And I'm enjoying her series tremendously. I have walked away from her series with a few "Aha!" moments, a few "Oh!" moments, some questions, and some clarifications, and I look forward to her continued posts.

I'm pointing you to this blog so that you can also read her series and come away with your own conclusions. As with most blogs, you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. I know it is long, but I hope you have a moment to pull it up and dig in!

What the LDS Church Teaches Series by Her Children Arise and Call Her Blessed

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Daiquiri said...

Hi there!

It's always so nice to hear that someone is finding value and insight in this LDS series I've been doing. Thanks so much for the link and kind words...I was just feeling a bit in need of some encouragement :)

Daiquiri @ Call Her Blessed

Teaching by Mom said...

Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I am from Utah and have LDS family and friends. It good to know that you are sharing the TRUTH for them to read quietly alone. Hopefully many will have their eyes open.