Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WFMW: Removable Bumper Stickers

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Ok -- I must admit that I have this "THING" against putting bumper stickers on my car.

Some might say it is because I like to keep my car a pristine, snow-driven white and don't want to destroy it with bumper stickers pasted all over it... until you get up close enough to see how filthy my car really is, in which case, I would become a liar in your eyes.

Others might say it is because I am a type A personality and am a raving fanatic about cleanliness and orderliness ... until you look inside my car, at which time, my liar status would also be confirmed.

Personally, I just think it is one of those quirky ticks I have -- the NOBUMPERSTICKERSONTHECAR tick...

But because I feel it is my civic duty to REMIND EVERYONE TO VOTE FOR MCCAIN... I wanted to put a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on my car. Our neighbor gave us two, and my husband, without a moment of hesitation, peeled it and slapped it on his truck. Me, on the other hand ... well, I thanked her for it, walked inside the house, set it on the dining room table, all with a nervous twitch in my eye, and my shoulder jerking violently at the thought of my husband being so bumper-sticker-careless.

Instead, I did what I used to do while I was in college a gazillion years ago, and had to have a new parking sticker on my car every year. I got a page of magnetic paper from the craft store, applied the bumper sticker to THAT, cut it out, and THEN I applied it to my car.

I got a "ProMAG" brand (Paint a Mag) magnetic sheet from Michael's for $2.99. They sell it in sheets, rolls, etc. You want a flat sheet that you can apply the whole sticker to (not magnetic strips or circles).

Now, I can remove the sticker whenever I want (like if I ever sell the car overmydeadbody), and not have a sticky, yucky mess to deal with.

So, if your child is on the honor roll at The Best Elementary School, but the next year ... he fails second grade... you can take that bumper sticker right off. Easy peasy!

If you ask me (and my nervous twitchy eye), bumper stickers and magnetic sheets work for me!


Vanessa said...

Brilliant! I'm anti-bumper sticker myself, so I always look for the vinyl clings, but this is a great idea.

Susanne said...

I'm with you. This is smart, very smart.

Edith said...

Oh this idea! I stay away from bumper stickers myself but will have to remember this.

Kirby3131 said...

I have that weird twitch, too!! and as a matter of fact, I had never ever placed a bumper sticker on my car until last week. My neighbor gave me a McCain Palin sticker and said, let's put this on your car right now. We were standing by my car at the time...I thought I was going to hyperventilate as he put the sticker on my car.

I wished I woudl have thought of the magnet thing last week. Ah well, it's for a good cause.

Come by my place today as I'm having a Birthday Week giveaway & WFMW post combined.
Have a fabulous day!

Holly said...

Thanks for this brilliant tip! I just got a McCain/Palin bumper sticker this week at the rally where Sarah was speaking... I am going to Michael's!