Friday, July 10, 2009

Ewwww -- yuck!

For those of you who are ... how should I say ... "medically curious" ... here are some pictures of my ankle ... for those of you who are NOT medically curious... click away now. Click far, far away.
This is what I started off with after surgery. It was a "splint" fashioned from cast material wrapped in fluffy cottony casty stuff and then tape. It was huge, but brilliant. The doctor is a genius, I tell you. It was far, FAR more comfortable than a full hard cast, which other doctors would have done.

Then, today, I got it off! WOOHOO!!! It felt so good. I still can't bear weight at all for three more weeks because they had to scrape the bone, and drill holes around in the bone so marrow could leak out and heal the cartilage properly. They said it was sort of like laminate that had peeled away and was hanging like a flap. I warned you! Yucky! But the ligament should be healing nicely!

They branded a smiley face on my toe. Doctors are so... FUNNY. Ha Ha.

Ok. I'm off to put my leg up. Have a good one!


Susanne said...

Praying that heals quickly for you. You're doc is a hoot putting that smiley face on there.

Jane Anne said...

I tried to make myself look away but I didn't. Oh, that looks so bad. I hope that you are recovering well.

Anonymous said...

Ow!I hope your feeling better soon. I think you should charge the doc rental for the space to put his art! Have a great day! Be blessed in your recovery!