Thursday, July 09, 2009

Home Made Ice Cream

THAT'S IT... I've had it. If I have to read one more blog about home made ice cream, I think I'll scream. It's just WRONG, people!

I can't stand it, and because of that... I'm ordering an ice cream maker TODAY.

I don't care that I can't walk right now or bear weight on my one bad foot... I must sacrifice and take one for the team. So we can have delicious ice cream. Because I'm a good and generous mom like that.

It's all for the love of my family, you know.

Now... rush on over to Reluctant Entertainer and Pioneer Woman and snag their ridiculously delicious ice cream recipes. And I promise... these are women you'll love to hate to love. You'll love them so much you'll hate yourself for loving them but you can't help yourself. Whew. It's a split personality thing.

Reluctant Entertainer's Vanilla Ice Cream
Pioneer Woman's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Ice Cream
Part 1
Part 2

Never mind. I can't get to my wallet.



Susanne said...

I got a homemade ice cream maker for Christmas at my request, and I love, love, love it.

Donnetta said...

I'm with you, seeing all the posts on homemade ice cream has left me ready for some NOW!

I already have the maker... I just need to get the ingredients.

Too bad you aren't a bit closer or I'd just bring you over a heaping bowl of it myself! :-)

Jane Anne said...

Oh great- I have been craving homemade ice cream ever since we were with family on the 4th and had plans to make homemade IC but failed to do so. I guess I will have to order an ice cream maker, too!