Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

If you're looking for a charity that you can trust and can make a much needed and welcomed donation to, would you consider: World Vision. They are reputable and honorable.

In previous years when I co-pastored the youth ministry at our church, we would lead the kids in World Vision's "Thirty Hour Famine" where we all fasted for thirty hours. It gave us all a small taste of a child's life (a very hungry life) in a third world country and to raise money for those less fortunate. It really left an impact on the kids lives.

World Vision is already in Haiti, and they also just sent 18 metric tons of lifesaving goods including food, clean water, blankets, and tents to Haiti -- the airplane just left at 5:30 this afternoon, and will arrive tomorrow morning in Haiti. They have more than 370 staff that were there when the earthquake hit, because they have been working with them for many years.

I can't believe that nearly 80 percent of the Haitian population lived on less than $2 per day before the earthquake! Can you imagine??? The article on their website is excellent and informative... click on over to World Vision for more information.

Please keep the victims of this earthquake, and the relief workers in your prayers!!!

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