Saturday, January 09, 2010

Restful, relaxing... yeah.

So this past week, I've spent each day at home working on "projects."

So far, I have removed ALL the toys from my family room, moved them down to the rec room, and made a play area for Hunter. I organized, cleaned and made the play area super kid friendly, but left room on the shelving for growth.

Then, I cleaned the family room, dining room, kitchen, steam-mopped my floors, caught up on all my laundry, folded everything and put it away, cleaned half of my bedroom and VACUUMED (GLORY BE), pulled everything out of my husband's armoire, purged old shirts, re-folded them and organized the armoire, organized my linen closet, and last, but NOT least, I cleaned the master bathroom. The one everyone uses. The one that looked like a truck-stop's bathroom. Trust me. I know. It is now shining clean! Can you hear the angels singing???

Next on my list: Clean my living room, my closet, the rest of my bedroom, and the spare bedrooms, and my PANTRY (what a mess). That should take up the better part of next week!

The biggest project? Clean up the storage rooms. I am SO NOT looking forward to that and I'm saving it for LAST. Yes, indeed.

It's very nice to be home so that I can get my home in order, and take care of my boys.

So what did I do today? I slept until 10, lounged around, read a book, had lunch, took a nap, fixed dinner, planned next week's menu and grocery list, planned my daily schedule for when I'm caught up on all the hard core cleaning, read some more, relaxed, rested, and did nothing but enjoy my boys as they wrestle each other on the floor in front of a warm and cozy fire. That's exactly what I did.

And I don't feel one bit guilty either.

Amen, and amen.


Donnetta said...

My oh My! You have been one busy girl! Wanna come to my place next?!

You deserved and earned every moment of rest and relaxation you took today.

Susanne said...

Wow, if you have any energy left over after all that you wanna come by my place?

Enjoy your time of rest.

Jairusam said...

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