Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Times, I Tell You!

Ever had a really bad day? Week? Month? Life? Yeah, well... join the club.

In fact, right this very second, I am fortunate enough to be able to sit in my cube, and listen to the annoying chime that the computer makes when it can't perform what you want it to do, and the extremely skilled person on the other side of my cube wall (the one that is making this noise) has felt compelled to share it with all of us... again, and again, and A.G.A.I.N. Face it ... no matter how many times you hit that Enter button, it's still gonna chime at you and say... "Nah. Don't feel like executing your comand -- chime -- chime -- chime." In fact, did you know it could chime 50 times in a row? 51, 52, 53, 54 ... yeah. It can. Can anyone come up with a more annoying office sound than that? I think not. In fact, I would gladly welcome fingernails on a chalk board right now.

So, last week, we finally decided that we had to replace our refrigerator. I guess that once all three drawers cracked and broke, the cover to the butter shelf broke off, and all the shelves are dangling precariously (I am SOOO not exagerating), we felt it was time to go into debt and purchase a new one. On credit. Ack. I'm dying.

Then, this week, I came down with the very same cold my dear son has ... the one where he had a fever of 104 degrees and nearly scared me to death as he lay steaming in his crib while hacking a bone rattling cough. Fun times.

Of course, there's always the one where I plan my weekly menu for all two and a half of us (me, hubby, and baby), go to the grocery store, spend lots of money on food, only to find out that my aunt passed away while I was in the grocery store, and my parents, who have been with us already for a week, will be staying another week. That's okay ... but I only planned for enough food for 2.5 people... making yet another trip to the incredibly packed and expensive grocery store probable. Did I mention another funeral on the very near horizon?

Then, there's always that pile of laundry I couldn't get to this weekend because of various illnesses and family commitments. And the clutter. Don't forget the clutter.

Have I mentioned that my Christmas lights are still hanging on my bushes? Thank heaven's the wires are green. Maybe the neighbors haven't noticed them yet. Or the snowman bucket I have hanging in my kitchen, which even I hadn't noticed. Yeah. Don't look for shamrocks at Casa GiBee -- look for Christmas decorations!

On the upside ... I FINALLY got to organize my tupperware cabinet... YAY! It's all orderly, and I only have containers with matching lids in the cabinet. Everything else has been thrown away. Joy! Oh, and yesterday, I made a KILLER rub for my BBQ chicken, which we cooked over honest to goodness coals! Yummo. AND -- while I've added a new monthly bill to our budget, I do have a new refrigerator to look forward to -- with french doors and all. So really -- Life is grand, fine, dandy, rosey, peachy...

After all ... it could be worse. Right? Right???

I'm sure there's a bible verse and a cool lesson I could throw in right here, but my head is too cloudy, my nose is too stuffy, and my throat is too raspy to think of one.


Shalee said...


Right now would you please send a feeling of relief to GiBee? Help that other person get through the task so that the chime will disappear. Bless GiBee with a clear nasal passage, a throat that will not hurt and a renewed spirit that sees you in all things, even a day as such. Thanks for allowing GiBee to have a new refrigerator and please give them a HUMONGOUS tax return so that they won't have this debt hanging over them.

Allow GiBee to go home soon to a ma who loves her for who she is and a boy wants to just cover her with sloppy wet kisses.

I ask all this in Jesus' name, knowing that you can do the impossible, Amen.

It's all taken care of, little lady. Love you!

Kristen said...

Oh, wow, GiBee! Can I ever relate to your week. I mean seriously. Let's just have a pity party together, eh?

I'm so sorry about all of this! I feel your pain. I really do!

Donnetta said...

In case it helps you feel any better...

I have had a stuffy nose, headache, and earache for almost 2 weeks now. (But then who's counting?)

My house is full of clutter and dirty laundry (and I don't even have company for an excuse).

Our Christmas lights are still hanging on our fence out front. They are green wired on a white fence. Yeah, no chance they are being hidden.

All this to say, I can so relate friend!! Perhaps I could join you and Kristen for the pity party??:-)

Hang in there friend...

Susanne said...

Praying for you my friend. I feel in the same boat. When your health is not 100% it just makes everything else compound! May you have the peace of God come upon you and may you get some good rest. And enjoy that new fridge. I really am trying not to covet.

Pam said...

Just joinin' the boo hoo fest! When you mention things being "peachy", good manners dictate that I show up!

May the God of all comfort be with you even now, dear friend. After all, tomorrow is another day to see Him work!

Pam said...
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Pam said...

Just joinin' the boo hoo fest! When you mention things being "peachy", good manners dictate that I show up!

May the God of all comfort be with you even now, dear friend. After all, tomorrow is another day to see Him work!

Laura said...

Just sit back and enjoy that newly organized tupperware cupboard...that high is good for at least a couple of days!!!