Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who would have thought?

Just how hard do you think about that wonderful, glorious, perfect picture of yourself on that there driver's license of yours? Does it bother you each time you pull your license out at the bank? Do you NEVER think about it? Do you try to hide the picture with your finger?

I am willing to bet that like millions of other people... you hate your picture. Unless... you're one of the rare and few who actually like their driver's license picture, in which case I say... you're weird.

This past Friday, I had to go and renew my expired license. I had been putting it off because I had been so extremely, super, duper "busy." Actually, I just didn't want my picture taken. The lines were long. It was raining outside. I'm walking around in a walking Cam (gimping). I was NOT in the mood. But it needed to be done. And I just KNEW my hair wasn't gonna cooperate. And it didn't. Because it was RAINING. What was I thinking?

And if that isn't bad enough... when you FINALLY get called up to the counter (after 12 hours), they have everyone sit in front of the same colored curtain that looks awful with just about any color you wear ... so why bother? Then ... they make you tilt your head down... lower... lower... just a little bit lower. There. That's perfect. CLICK.

Guess what just happened? My double chin came out to wave its happy hand at the camera, and my eyes were looking up in an odd sort of angle.


I'm seriously thinking of "loosing" this driver's license.

But then... I'd have to go through all that AGAIN!

Yes. It's times like these... that special moment when the Motor Vehicle dude from heaven's knows where, who can barely speak a word of English and NO Spanish (oddly enough), hands you your new drivers license with a flourish, and as you glance down at the new picture, you realize ... with a profound sense of sorrow... that you really DID love that old picture after all.

Because this new one will frighten young children and old women.

The end.


"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I remember tanning "back in the day" for my driver's license picture. I had to renew minethisyear and my hair is frizzy and I look yellowish-green. Ha ha...

Stacey said...

This is great! What makes it worse is how long we have to be stuck with them...for years to come!

Susanne said...

I really did like my old picture. They actually let you smile for the pic 5 years ago. This time around they got the great idea they want it to look like passports so we weren't allowed to smile. As a result, I look like I just got booked for robbing a bank or something. LOL.

Donnetta said...

I will have to renew mine next year. I'm just imagining how much older I will look by then. *sigh*

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to. ha ha ha :-)

tlawwife said...

We are a small town and we let people look at their picture. If they don't like it we take it again until they do. I think the most I have taken is 5.