Friday, June 06, 2008

In Other News...

Last weekend, we discovered that my keys were lost.

I did what every Christian woman I know would do.

I prayed and prayed that God would help me find them.

Then I blamed my husband.

What??? He was the one that used them last!

We looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But oddly enough, I had this "niggling" feeling that they were in my car. I looked all over the car, but did not find them. In fact, it wouldn't be at all strange to find a set of keys to our car ... IN the car, because my husband has a strange and very BAD habit of leaving his keys in the console or under the seat. In fact, he's been known to leave his wallet, phone, well -- you get the picture.

Warning to all car thieves reading my blog: I'm coming after you if any of my vehicles mysteriously disappear. Got it?!?

Anyway -- I kept praying over these keys, because we only had one other set, and shockingly, it was NOT attached to one of those convenient push-buttony-unlocky-thingies, and being that I am a pampered and highly posh princess ... I NEED my push-buttony-unlocky-thing. Especially when the only key-hole to unlock my entire vehicle is located on the drivers side. Very inconvenient if you're trying to get a squirmy hyperactive two-and-a-half-year-old in the car on the PASSENGER side ... you know ... the squirmy hyperactive two-and-a-half-year-old who's sole purpose in life is to escape his mommy's grasp in a busy parking lot when she has 500 grocery bags in her hands. Yeah. That one.

So on Wednesday, I made plans to have lunch with my girlfriend at work on Thursday. She had asked me if I would drive, and I happily agreed. So yesterday morning (Thursday), on my way to work, I began to worry about how long it would take me to unlock the door for her if it was raining, or how embarrassing it was that I actually had to ... you know ... put the key in the key hole to unlock a car (it is, after all, the twenty first century). Then, my eyes fell upon various loose napkins, an envelope, a pen, a book, an umbrella, and heaven's knows what else was resting on the floor board of my front passenger seat.

I know. It's all so confusing, but stay with me. There IS an ending. Promise.

I quickly realized that I had to clean the front seat up a bit if I expected my friend to think I had some semblance of order in my life. And so, I bent over from the drivers side to try and pick everything up, which really, is the lazy man's way of cleaning the floor board all the way over on the passenger's side of the car... but anyway, I just couldn't reach the last napkin that was wedged all the way up front under the air thingie, so I grabbed the umbrella to reach for it and pull it towards me.

Guess what fell out of my umbrella?

That's right. My keys. That my husband lost. Because he was the last one to use them. In my umbrella.

So see? I was right! They WERE in my car.

But seriously -- God cares about the things in our lives that may seem very trivial. If we are concerned about something, then it is important to him. Our Father in heaven knows our needs. He's awesome like that!! But, he just doesn't want us to worry about ... stuff.

In other news... the youth in our church are having a yardsale tomorrow -- I purchased two tables (which is odd to do, when I'm trying to MAKE money but it is, after all, a fundraiser). I haven't priced anything. I think I'll be selling all the clothing and shoes at $1 per item, but I'm pricing my equipment at half of what I paid for it, and if they don't sell, I'm taking them home and listing them on CraigsList. End of discussion. (For now.) It's supposed to be 97 degrees tomorrow, and the heat index will make it feel like 105-107 degrees. Joy. AND ... my face is really puffy today. Just thought you might want to know.

Now, I really need to get busy ... I've got things to do at work... and lots of stuff to do at home ... especially since I now have to get busy preparing myself for a Nuclear War that is said to begin next Thursday, and I'll also need to figure out what to do about the Global Warming that is being caused by S+Ds. Be informed.

I'm just saying.


"So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today." Matthew 6:34 (NLT)


Susanne said...

In the umbrella? Now that is just different! Who'da thunk to look IN the umbrella?

Donnetta said...

I had to chuckle when you mentioned using your key to unlock the doors. That's the only option I have. :-)

My car previous to my current one even had the windows that you had to roll down manually. The youth affectionately referred to my car as "the ghetto car." I always responded with, at least it's paid for!

Glad you found your keys!

Unknown said...

Hi there. This is my first time here and I just loved your will definitely be back!

ps.Glad you found your keys!

Shalee said...

I do this all the time! I pray to find my keys, my cell, the pool card that gets me into the pool, for money needed to pay the unexpected bills, for anything and everything.

NOT ONCE has God not answered my prayers. All I had to do was to wait for his timing (and most of the time, he was pretty quick!)