Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Loving Well - A Retreat in a Box

The women of our church have a retreat each fall. Normally, we invite a guest speaker, but due to the rising cost of our venue, the inability to locate a new place so soon, the rising cost in travel and food... this year, we just can't swing it. Well, we could ... but we would have to charge our ladies way too much. Pooh.

So this year, we're doing the Beth Moore Retreat in a Box. It looks so good. Any time I get to hear Beth Moore is a plus in my book, but a whole weekend? It should be awesome. Even better??? The colors of the kit are lime green and violet (or purple, or lavender) ... so pretty. The flower? Daisy. LOOOOVE it. I know, I know... it's the little things that excite me. But as I was reviewing the contents on line, I had a serious goose-bump-hair-raising moment. That's usually my cue that I'm being prompted by the Holy Spirit. As in ... DO IT. Pastorman's wife was pretty confident it was a good God thing too. Confirmation in numbers.

The only downfall that I can see is the lack of one-on-one interaction with a speaker. But ... we will have lots of one-on-one interaction opportunities in small breakout groups, during the craft time, and during some of the fun activities planned. It will be a great weekend, and it should be interesting how it turns out.

Sadly, though... I missed the opportunity to win a used kit on eBay for $64 (instead of $99) and I'm just SICK about it! Good GRIEF!!! Every penny counts! Drats, drats, double DRATS. This is where I add: If anyone out there has this wonderful retreat in a box by Beth Moore (Loving Well), and it is in good shape - fairly unused - and would like to sell it to me for $64 ... let me know!

So, I'd love to hear from you if you've used this retreat before!!! Good and bad comments will be welcomed!


Barb said...

Oh dear, GiBee. I gave four of these kits away in a great giveaway last year. Shoot! I gave my own kit away too. How I wish I'd known. But every single woman who won the kit said she couldn't wait to give it to her church so they could plan this great weekend retreat.

Have you tried Amazon? Their prices are usually pretty good.

Barb said...

For some reason, there's no way to comment on your WFMW post. So I'm dropping in to say, this was standard equipment in our RV. It's the best way in the world to start charcoal. We don't use charcoal now (we have the propane grill) but if we did, I'd definitely have one of these.