Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend Goals -- It's Good to Have 'Em!

So... my personal goals for this weekend are:

1) Pick strawberries -- LOTS of them -- maybe some other berries, too!
2) Husband might be goinging out of town for the day
3) Make jam and can, can, can -- by myself -- ugh
4) Do all the above with a 32 month old in tow AND without overheating
5) Keep sanity
6) Clean house for out of town guest arriving on Friday
7) Laundry
8) I can do it
9) I can do it
10) I can do it
11) Pass out with a pantry full of canned jam and a clean-ish house


Unknown said...

No weekend plans here...we're gonna try to get to Walmart. We haven't been there in over 3 months! Love Walmart! So that's it as far as plans go! Have fun with your strawberries!

Susanne said...

Oh homemade jam! What time did you say breakfast was?

Pam said...

Thanks for thinking of me.

Have a great time with the strawberries, the jam, and of course, the 32-month-old (that's a mouthful), and don't forget to share photos when you're all done!

Girl Raised in the South said...

You know, I may just go pick strawberries too - I'd love having them in the freezer this winter. And unfortunately I need to scrub the daylights out of this house too.