Thursday, June 26, 2008


Older parents desperately seeking one complete night of sleep without interruption, possibly with the added fortune of sleeping in the following morning.

Uninterrupted night should include toddler staying in his own bed and sleeping past the crack of dawn.

If anyone has seen this particular night, please contact me immediately.


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Susanne said...

This is when you call 1-800-Grandma and arrange a sleep over. Grandma not close by I've heard 1-800-Auntie or 1-800-Best Friend works great too!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

I've been where you are. Our youngest son didn't sleep through the night for a year and a half! Ugh! Talk about sleep deprivation.He's 3 now and still once and awhile wakes up in the middle of the night. One thing that has worked for us is getting them completely exhausted at the end of the day by taking them outside and running them ragged lol. Helps you get a good night sleep too.
Good luck with it. From one sleepy Mom to another.

gail said...

oh, i could have written that very ad myself when my son was small. i feel your pain (sleeplessness) friend. then we found out at 2 1/2 that he had special needs and part of the dx was a lack of melatonin that his body wasn't producing. now we have him on meds and a good nite sleep is heaven! of course, being an older mom like yourself, now i'm dealing with pre menapausal symptoms! waking up all the time, but no night sweats yet ...

i'm just one of your lurking readers coming out of my hole. i'll go back in now so as not to scare you off! hee hee

gail in idaho