Friday, February 10, 2006

I Am So Fortunate!

Valentine's Day is so around the corner... I usually dread Valentine's Day, because let's face it ... my husband isn't the most creative person around. He rarely buys valentine chocolates, hates to go out for dinner because it's so crowded, and despises spending a fortune on roses. So, I probably won't see any of that next Tuesday. To top it off, my son has a doctor's appointment that afternoon, and he'll be getting 4 shots. How utterly un-romantic. My heart will literally be breaking for my little man as he howls in pain.

So, as I was trying to figure out what we could possibly do that would make this Valentine's Day more than just a howl fest, I started thinking about my life as a whole...

It struck me hard ... How incredibly fortunate can one person be?

I have an awesome husband, who loves me totally and unconditionally. He helps me around the house. He cooks, he vacuums, he gets on his HANDS AND KNEES and cleans our hardwood floors for me because my back goes out each and every time I try to do that. Not only does he help around the house, but he also is totally hands on with our baby. He helps me give our son a bath EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. But before he even draws the water for his bath, he throws our sons towel in the dryer so he has a warm and cozy towel when he comes out of his bath. How thoughtful is that? He wakes up with me at 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, or 4:00 (which ever time Hunter decides that he's starved and needs a middle of the night snack), and he goes downstairs to heat up a bottle for me ... even though he wakes up at 4:15 every morning to go to work. In the evenings, when I'm tired from working all day (as if he's not) and I'm sitting in my comfortable chair with my legs up on the ottoman, and my son in my lap, he will get up from his own comfortable chair numerous times to get me a heated bottle, or the burp cloth I forgot to get, or a can of diet A&W Rootbeer (oh, so addictive), or get out the frozen cookie dough to bake some cookies (okay ... he benefits from that, too) and serves them to me with a glass of ice cold milk. He prays over our son each and every night. He prays with me, and for me. He studies the Bible with me. And all this is just the TIP of the iceberg!

He is so sacrificial, generous and caring. He puts mine and our son's needs before his own.

After years, and years, and YEARS of trying to get pregnant, God blessed us with a beautiful child. But more than that, God worked on our marriage during that time. He strengthened it, molded it, changed it, and just plain ol' made it better. We learned to love each other more. We learned to rely on each other. We learned to value each other. I know he loves me, and he knows I love him. We tell each other all the time, but more importantly, we show each other. Okay, maybe he shows it more than I do, but hey ... I gave him a SON. And he watched the entire birthing process with much fascination, so that puts me pretty high up on his list right now! Oh, how I love this man.

You know what? This year, Valentine's Day doesn't sound so dreadful after all. I think we'll just hang out in front of the fireplace, and eat carry-in food, and maybe some homemade cookies and milk. How incredibly fortunate can one person be?


Shannon said...

Good for you--that's a wonderful perspective. I too am married to an "un-romantic" man who also happens to be an incredible husband.

And I have to tell you, when I was reading the part about your husband throwing your son's towel in the dryer (so sweet, by the way), for a split-second I thought you said he threw your SON in the dryer. Hmmmmm... :)

Lauren said...

Beautiful and proper way of looking at things. So many times in my life the husbands that I've seen be incredibly "romantic" with their wives were doing it because it just came easy to them, so easy that they were romantizing other women on the side. I'll take my not so romantic, loyal, loving husband over anyone of those ladies husbands anyday!! Thanks for reminding me.