Thursday, February 16, 2006

Note from the Editor

I am not quite sure what blogging etiquette requires me to do when I add someone's blog as a favorite link ... but I just figured out how to add links (yea me!) ... and to everyone I've added, please know that I've done so because I love your blog and want to share it with others. Shout out if you want me to take you off of my list.

Disclaimer: I may not hold to the same beliefs that each person publishes on his or her blog. Then again, I may. But I hope you can tell what I do believe from my blog. And if you can't -- shame on me, and drop me a note! But, know that while you may find some colorful language on some of my links, you won't find it on mine. So don't be insulted if you link over to another blog and are horrified by the language (and don't leave me comments like: "oh, my eyes and ears -- they are bleeding! Why did you link there?").

Thank you -- and have a stupendous day!


Anonymous said...

I linked you, I linked you, I really really linked you! :) Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad you put me on your list. That's so funny, because I was just sitting down to update my blogroll and am adding you to mine!

GiBee said...

Awwwe, shucks, gals! I'm blushing with delight! Thanks!