Saturday, February 25, 2006

Product Review Guidelines


Recently, vendors and/or PR firms have started offering their products for review by moms that are in the trenches of every-day living … and I must say that it has been one of the wisest decisions they could have mad

Moms all over this little blogsphere are reaching out and connecting with each other across the globe, sharing tips, information, secrets, encouragement, and advice, and when one mom tries something she loves, she stands at the highest point she can climb to shout it out to the world … her blog.

So, I consider it an honor to try out products that might interest fellow moms and housewives alike!

My Guidelines:

Products that I review on my blog are given to me free of charge, and I agree not to receive any compensation in exchange for a review, with the exception of the actual product.

In general, I will not review books.

Products must be sent to my home address, which will only be provided if contacted via email, and once I agree to review the product.

My Promise:

I will be very selective on the products I agree to review, and in exchange, you can rest assured knowing that you will not find any products being reviewed that are NOT family friendly. I promise to be totally honest and unbiased in my opinions regarding the products – whether it is a good or bad review. I’m very picky about what comes into my home for my family, and with that in mind, I will try to be fair and accurate in all of my reviews.


Any vendors that are interested in having your product reviewed may reach me via email (located on my sidebar) to submit your request. And as I mentioned above, I will be very selective on what I choose to review.

All products will be sent to my home address with no financial obligation on my behalf. Products will not be returned unless agreed upon prior to the review.

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