Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Musings ... in no particular order

Here is a quick list of items worth musing over:

  • I was eating a dove candy bar (the mini ones... so actually, I was eating several dove candies), and the wrappers have these little sayings printed on the inside. One of them said... "A smile is worth more than a dozen roses." Why, yes... yes it is... especially if it comes from a child!
  • It's funny how two adults can spend hours in total fascination as they watch their 4 month old discover his voice... he has now gone from saying "Agooo" to screeching at the top of his lungs like a Velociraptor (or something like that) while sticking his tongue straight out. He then thinks about the sound he just made, and proceeds to make another one just like it ... and look ever so proud of himself. Amazing.
  • Eleven inches of snow is actually FUN when it falls over the weekend and you don't have to go anywhere.
  • Weekend things that ROCK -- sleeping in on a Sunday when church has been cancelled (due to inclement weather, of course!), add to that a comfy couch, a funny movie, along with some warm chocolate chip cookies, a tall glass of ice cold milk, and a warm roaring fire... all weekend long. So much for my Valentine's Day idea! oh, yeah... and a tall warm bottle of formula, lots of cuddles and kisses, and many, many grins from a toothless babe ...
  • Laundry takes longer to get folded and put away when you have a child in the house.
  • Homemade pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce taste much, MUCH better than Dominoes, AND is cheaper, too!
  • An 8" high, 9 pound white Maltese CAN get lost in 11" of snow.
  • A man and his snowblower is the equivalent of a man and his dog ... best friends in a big snow storm! Just how many neighbors do you think can be blown out with one tank full of gas? hint: many!

I have to say that at this time, I have nothing deep nor profound to write about. But, man! Did I have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

It sounded relaxing and wonderful. Glad you were able to enjoy the snow fall!

Anonymous said...

Uhm, hello!? You can't just say homemade pizza dough and not ost the recipe!

Shannon said...

Stay warm!

GiBee said...

Pizza Dough Recipe on it's way ... sometime this week ... as soon as I pry it from my husband's clenching fist. (it's the thin and crispy kind)