Saturday, February 18, 2006

Things in my Purse

And now, a very boring blog in which you'll get to know me a little bit better. In fact, my husband just looked over my shoulder and said, "What are you doing and why?" So, I told him, and he just shook his head and said, "you guys are weird."

Can you believe he had the nerve to call you, my dear friends weird? Well, worry not! I got all up in his grill about that and defended your pure honor.

Okay (in a staged whisper) he's gone to bed now -- Soooo ... back to important stuff.

Here are several things I have hanging out in my very cute purse -- Believe it or not, this post was on my list of things to blog about... Why? I don't know... maybe because I'm strange. But by all means, consider this an open invitation to comment about some things we might find in your purse! (you know... so we can get to know each other better!)

1. A check book -- with lots of checks, coupons and stamps! But, sadly ... no money.

2. A wallet -- with lots of money, but sadly, no value ($1.52 in change, to be exact)!

3. Red and white striped baby socks worn on Valentine's Day -- ehhh -- stranger things have been found in my purse.

4. Thank you notes and stickers for over due thanks to friends waiting in desperation by their mail boxes, the inside cover of the current worship CD I am wearing out in my car (so I can sing all the RIGHT words at the top of my lungs while I'm driving -- yeah -- I'm THAT person).

5. A Rattle, infant tylenol, an extra pacifier (because you never know when you'll need one -- and I panic when I need one and don't have one. You would too if your 4-month old was screaming for one.)

6. Tons of lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick and a mirror -- hey! A girl's gotta look her best! Even if she does have baby spit up all over her shoulder and is wearing a ratty (but comfortable) nursing bra.

7. 4 pages of notes and outlines from a very very important meeting I attended last week (wink, wink).

8. Keys, gum (the kind that prevents tooth decay), my i.d. badge for my very important and top secret job, two cell phones (because I'm too lazy to go to a store and have them transfer my new numbers over to my new phone), pens, a marker, pencils, and a good orange highlighter (because you just never know when you'll need a good highlighter!).

9. A very loved and well used pocket calendar which I could NEVER live without - there is something written in almost every single day of the month of February -- I'm soooo popular like that.

10. A starbucks gift card, and one emergency dose of my migraine medication (very, very important), spare AA batteries (in case the ones in my digital camera that I carry in my diaper bag go dead).

So ... what's in YOUR purse?

p.s. -- I am feeling quite clever for finally having figured out how to upload pictures! Whew that took a long time! I'm exhausted and it's only 9:45! Must get into bed now, because important people (ahem) like me (ahem) have important things to do tomorrow, and I must be well rested. Kisses!


moledog said...

Thanks for the comedy "high-five" you gave me over at Lauren's place. I'm glad that some people see the humor in my broken thoughts that are misspelled (and smudged in between bad grammar). By the way, you have a lot of things in your purse. At one time my wife was carrying around a purse that you could put a small child in, thankfully she has downsized a little. :-)

moledog said...

I beat Lauren by 1 minute, ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable and so is your purse. How can you possibly fit all that...stuff...that very important stuff in your little adorable purse? And I am dying to know your full/real name, 'cause of the initials. If I carried a bunch of cute stuff or had as much money as you do, I might do this. I guess I'll think about it (as I'm cleaning out my purse) Whaaaaaat, it's the 18th, that has always been my purse cleaning day!

Anonymous said...

Gibee you are so much fun. I TOTALLY get how all that is in your purse. Some of things I carry around have my Hubs scratching his head. This is a good idea for a post...maybe I'll follow.

Donnetta said...

I recently won a game at our ladies get together for church. They would ask about items and would see who had that in their purse. I had every singe item!! Some of the rarer things... a sewing kit, a first aid kit, Bible, barrett, safety pin, crayons, and even a rock. My friends call my purse my luggage because of how much they have now learned I actually have in that thing. And it is SO heavy.

Anonymous said...

The strangest thing currently in my purse? Nursing pads. But also I have several baby spoons and forks. Cute purse!