Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Musings -- and Getting Real

Random thoughts ... in no particular order...

1) What is up with retailers?!? I mean, isn't it still, oh, I don't know ... winter? SHORT SLEEVES and SHORTS are NOT appropriate attire right now! Don't they realize that there might be some parents out there that have a 4-month old kid growing like Jack's Beanstalk, wearing 6-9 month clothing? What is a child to do without a warm jacket? Granted, we have a really cool little snow suit for him, but as big as he is, if we put it on him, he won't fit in his car seat. Its like trying to squeeze him into a tic-tac box. Seriously.

2) Ever notice how frequently I use ... my beloved ellipses ... ??? Is that what they are even called? Let's just lovingly refer to them as ... three dots ... and move on.

3) I overheard these two guys in the hallway at work today. One said (to a very overweight guy) "Hey -- you are looking better than sliced bread! Seriously - are you loosing weight?" And the other guy said, "Yeah, I lost three pounds." And I thought to myself ... why would he say that? And then I thought to myself, I guess if I were dieting (and should be) and someone said that to me, I'd be flattered. And then I thought, but would I really think they were sincere? At which point I thought to myself, why am I thinking about this? And moved on.

4) Sunday's message was soooo good -- the Pastor reminded us that worry is stinky and yucky, and totally not necessary. Okay, maybe he didn't use those words, but ... he reminded us that Jesus felt pressure, temptation, and had great responsibilities. He was busy with a lot of work he had to do, in a short amount of time. He had plenty to worry about, but He knew who to go to -- His Father. He "found calm" in God who really has the "last say." And oh, how I love one of the scriptures he shared -- "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you" (1 Peter 5:6-7). Hmmm -- do I really cast all my worries and anxieties to him? Really? Or am I just fooling my self? (And I'm a good tricker, to!) Oh, it's so reassuring to know that I can cast all my worries and anxieties to Him, and HE WILL LIFT ME UP in due time.

That said ... I'm going to GET REAL as suggested by Randi and seen at I Have To Say -- also check out Lauren Getting Real at : Created For His Glory

Here's me getting real --

Let's begin with the kitchen... Notice the lovely broken faucet (handle off to left on counter). Dishes are from Sunday night pizza fest. Also, be kind enough NOT to note the yucky wall behind the sink -- We've been in this house for TWO years, and still have been unable to pick tile out for a back splash. Too many choices.

Next, we'll pan over and see the stove, with the pizza stone, and the wire racks used for cooling one fantastic pizza (can you see the flour everwhere?) --

Moving on to the Family room -- All the shades are pulled DOWN. I hate it like that, but the windows reflect on the TV, and we were watching movies yesterday. Any way, note the mess, well, everywhere. TONS of baby equipment. Very depressing!

FINALLY, so Lauren doesn't feel so bad about her forgotten wash ... here are two pictures ... one of my dryer that contains a load of towels I had to was three times because I kept forgetting them in the washer (eeewww, stinky), and one of the ever so sterile laundry room floor/carpet I dropped my son on... face first ... we won't go there again.

Okay -- off to feed one hungry boy, pay attention to one pouty husband, and nab the last of the iced tea, because my husband makes the absolutely BEST sweet tea.


Donnetta said...

Ahhh... I'm not alone... referring to number 2... the three dots... I seem to use them all the time as well... in place of any and every other punctuation I can think off... I'm trying to get better at it... but it definately is my comfort zone! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

Sheri said...

I use ellipses all of the time! I have been trying to break myself of it because a friend

I remember those baby toy days! Tripping over them. Thinking "I can't wait to be rid of these"...but they just make way for messier things. Once you start stepping on tiny little legos with your bare feet you might wish for the shin-banger exersaucers and such. :-)

But it's all SO MUCH FUN!

Anonymous said...

Your house is so cute!

Heidi said...

I'm laughing a little because I think we have the same dryer, from the looks of the drum. We were watching a movie Saturday night and I smelled something burning... the dryer! It died, and Monday I had a new one brought from the appliance store, bought it sight unseen. Is it a Hotpoint?

Where are you at on the East Coast? I still can't believe we don't live in an area where our zip code begins with the number "0"... Miss you, North Shore!

GiBee said...

Heidi -- ya know -- I'm not really sure what our dryer is. I'll have to check it out and get back to you...

We live in the Washington Metropolitan area, and our zip codes start with a 2, but the first time a friend of mine in NJ told me her zip code (which starts with an 0), I got all confused and stupid-like ... and said, "huh? I think you gave me the wrong zipcode" and she said, "no, that's right" and I said, "you mean they have zipcodes that start with 0?"

Really, I'm quite bright when it comes to geography and stuff.

Randi said...

Thanks you for sharing! I love your kitchen and I can't see any flour!

Grammy said...

Before you said it, I was pretty sure that your pastor didn't actually say that worrying is "stinky and tucky and totally not necessary". But I could see him saying something like, "Why worry when you can pray?" I keep reminding myself of that one

Anonymous said...

Broken faucet, yeah we have that in common. Laundry forgetfulness, yep that too. But the most important thing we have in common... (love ellipses too, but that's not it either)

CEVICHE! OH.MY.WORD I love ceviche. My Peruvian sister-in-law introduced me to this particular life's pleasure.