Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bagel High

Two posts in one day ... the fun never ceases around here! But I couldn't help myself -- I just had to share.

So ... I usually save blogging for lunch. And today, I was absolutely starved at lunch, because I was so busy, that I didn't have a chance for breakfast, which is generally an "everything bagel" and a cup of coffee. It's an addiction, really. The bagel. Not the coffee. Okay, maybe the coffee is too. And usually, I feel so "cheated" if I don't get my bagel. In fact, weekends are the only time I don't get my bagel. But today, I was all droopy and sad because I didn't have time to go to the cafeteria for my usual breakfast.

So, imagine my sheer joy when I went down to our cafeteria at lunch today, and saw ... glowing under heating lamps ... bagel pizzas on "everything bagels." Oh yeah. It was like that car commercial where the lady goes to get a new car, and a huge spot light with a choir of angels gather around the "right car" and raise their hands and sing "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" in their best operatic voices.

Of course, I got that for lunch. And, I added a cup of Matzoh Ball Soup, because it's so stinking cold and rainy here. It just seemed like the right thing to do, although it bears no weight whatsoever in this post. Anyway, after I paid, I ran back to my desk as fast as humanly possible to consume those delicious bagel pizzas.

Let me just say ... that they were deeeee-licious. If you haven't tried it, you simply must. The little bits of toasted garlic and onion, along with the crunch of the sesame seeds and the zing of the coarse salt granules made it the most-absolute-bestest pizza I have ever had. I could have gone without those blasted poppy seeds that only serve to get stuck in your teeth, but who's complaining?

Jesus truly inspired the creator of the "everything bagel" -- and the Holy Spirit must have moved the person that used the leftover "everything bagels" from breakfast for pizzas at lunch. Praise God for the little things.

My lips are tingling, and I'm still buzzing on my newly discovered bagel pizza high. So, don't mind me. I'll be the one walking around with a glazed look on my face.


Carey said...

Way to go on your pizza bagel. That sounds really yummy! I always reach for the everything bagel too before any other flavor. Great choice. Now you have new recipe you can make at home for dinner sometime.

Anonymous said...

Bagel pizza, huh? I love pizza. Can't say the same with bagels, though. But I'm willing to try it ... if I can find one.


Susanne said...

Okay now my mouth is all watering and nary a bagel in sight. :v(

kpjara said...

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHit's no fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!