Monday, April 30, 2007

Taking Care of Business

I have several items of business that I need to take care of, and one of them will require your help:

1) Robyn left me a comment on an older post asking a question about something she'd like to do, and I emailed her and told her I'd post it today and see if any of you, my 5 loyal readers, would know how to help her... if you do, please leave it in the comments, as she'll be checking back throughout the day. Here's a summary of what Robyn said:

At one time, Robyn had received a little bag which contained things like: candle, safety pin, band aid, tissue, etc. and they each represented something and had corresponding scriptures (i.e. a tissue for wiping away tears). She can't remember all the items the bag contained and thought someone could help her. So ... Can anyone help?
2) Next, I have a Mother's Day contest (with a prize!!!) I'll be announcing tomorrow, so come on back for details, ya hear?

3) Finally, I was tagged by both Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie and Susanne at Living to tell the Story for a "Show Me Your Handbag" Meme. Lucky for both, I got the tags on Friday, and I was leaving early so I couldn't do it until today. Lucky, only because I got a new spring handbag over the weekend and it's all nice and neat, which by the way, I DO try to keep my PURSE (which is what we call it on the East Coast) tidy. So ... if you want to know what my purse looks like and what I keep in it, look below (and please forgive the quality and lighting of these pics because I used my camera phone to shoot them). And ... if you want to know what my purse looked like and what was in it when Hunter was an infant ... well, that's a whole other story, and you need to GO HERE to see that! (Aren't we extremely "curious" people by nature???)

Now -- I tag Momrn2 from My Quiet Corner (because I know she's pretty practical, which makes me curious about what she carries around on a daily basis), Beth from Life with Two Little Vikings(because we're new friends, and I'm nosey like that), and BooMama (because, seriously, WHO DOESN'T want to know what kind of purse she carries, and what she's got in her it!). Now each of you tag three victims people!

Full view of my new straw purse with cool metal detailing (which you really can't see on the picture):

Inside view of my straw purse:

What's in the back pocket of my purse? My little wrist bag that has my lipsticks, liner, gloss and mirror, and gum; my keys; my day calendar/planner (which is much more clean and, well, "blank" than the one seen in the post I linked above -- I guess you get LESS popular with a toddler!). I carry an "emergency" pacifier in the zipped compartment in the middle.

What's in the front of my purse? My wallet, a pen, and a package of tissues:

And finally, because I KNOW you're burning to know ... where does my cell phone go? Well, right here in the cell phone pocket (see orange arrow)!


Susanne said...

I'm loving that woven straw purse! It's so summery! And wasn't this voyueristic, I mean, interesting meme just the perfect excuse to go out and buy a cute new purse? If hubby questions you just blame it all on me. The emergency pacifier made me laugh. I wont' ask who it's for. :vD

We really call it a purse here too!

Laura said...

I love being nosey! If I do say so myself this was an excellent reason to buy a new purse. In fact after seeing all these great bags with pockets and dividers and all things nice I might just be having to find me a new one too!

Love it!

Ms. Kathleen said...

No one is looking in my purse until I clean it out but I do love summery fun purses. Mother's Day contest! Fun!

Anonymous said...

The little bag of Robyn's sounds something like those "survival kits" -- there's one for teachers and other people. I found some here but they don't have Scripture verses -- wouldn't be too hard to find appropriate Scriptures for each item, though:

boomama said...

Got it!

I'll get right on this.

And you're going to be SO horrified. I can't even tell you.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Got a sick hubby home from work early tonight and has been draped across the couch sighing and snoring all night. Should he go to work tomorrow (one can only hope! *wink*) I'll do this tomorrow!

kpjara said...

I love your bag and I can't wait to hear about the MOm's day thang'!

Carol said...

Oooohhh...methinks your new handbaggage is very cool and neatly organized. Today.

Can we see it again in a month? 'Cause if it's still all tidy like that after actually getting used for a while, I'll be totally spooked out.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Me, have a sick kid. Unable to post this I'll post during naptime this afternoon! *wink*