Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The "Glory Revealed" Tour

Performing on the “Glory Revealed” tour (go here to see a video with a sample of music and interviews with Mac Powell and David Nasser), from left to right:

Trevor Morgan, David Nasser, Mac Powell, Brian Littrell, Shane Barnard and Shane

Last night, I was privileged enough to be at the opening concert of the Glory Revealed Tour. OPENING CONCERT! Wow! And it was a concert that I'll remember for a long time. It was an evening of worship, the likes that I haven't experienced at a concert in a long, long time. It felt like it was truly coming from the artists hearts and souls, and I only wish you could have seen how they become involved in the songs through their motions, almost like their entire being was behind each word they sang.

The venue was small, intimate, and cozy. The stage was very simple, with three huge screens that had graphics and words to the songs. They had candles, carpets, and church pews. It was truly charming. They opened the concert with a medley of hymns that was presented in a rootsy, blue-grassy way that was totally kicking!!! The concert was also totally acoustic -- guitars (I counted over 6), banjo, mandolin and fiddle all worked to give it an awesome "Americana" feel. It really was beautiful, and was totally different than the modern-day Christian-contemporary feel we hear in just about every other song played on the Christian radio stations.

The singers on the album some of the top Christian artists, such as Shane and Shane and Brian Littrell, formerly of the Backstreet Boys (see the list of artists next to the picture), and they are all traveling the country with David Nasser and Mac Powell to support the "Glory Revealed" project. David Nasser also requested that a good friend of his, Candi Pearson-Shelton, be a part of the project, and let me just say, that when she sang "Glory Revealed" -- oh.my.heavens -- I felt the little hairs on my face stand up on end. It was beautiful.

The concept of the album was born with David Nasser who felt like people were searching desperately for answers ... that is ... searching in all places BUT scripture. He then contacted Mac Powell and shared his idea with him, and the flame spread from Mac Powell to the other artists that all shared the stage last night.

So what's the "concept?" SCRIPTURE. The album and the tour are all completely scripture. Scripture, scripture, scripture. Within the first 90 minutes of the concert, we were covered by 40 scriptures, and all of them were nearly verbatim!

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:9-11

Dave Nasser shared also (click on his name to download a sample chapter of his book). He is from Iran, grew up a Muslim in the USA, and converted to Christianity. He is an awesome speaker, and I can't wait to dig into his book. He said a couple things that really took root in my heart. One of the first things he did was ask everyone that was a Christian for 4 years or more to stand. Almost the entire room was standing. Then, he asked that everyone that could recite verbatim one scripture for every year they have been saved to remain standing. I think there were only 3 or 4 people standing. He then made a couple statements which really struck me: "Our love affair with Jesus is limited to our involvement in the word" and he also said that sometimes we can become "more emotional than devotional" in our walk with Christ. Those two comments are quite brilliant if you think about it. How involved are we in scripture? Are we pouring over it? Do we make it a priority to learn, or are other things more important in our lives that they take our focus off of God's Word? It really caused me to stop and think about my walk with Christ. I've been a Christian for about 27 years, and yes, I probably have memorized as many scriptures, but no, I could not recite them back to you "verbatim," including the reference.

They are playing in Woodbridge, Virginia tonight -- the second stop on their tour, and are performing in many other venues across the nation, so if you can, I encourage to purchase a ticket and attend the concert. You will leave blessed.
I would also encourage you to get the CD. It is raw. It is beautiful. It is scripture. It is worship.

For another person's thoughts on the CD, I highly recommend BooMama's review on it...

I've ordered my CD and book, and I'm anxiously awaiting them ... but in the mean time, I plan to dig into the Word and challenge myself anew to memorize scripture!!! I hope you do to.
(updated to add: As of 4/10/07, CD at Family Christian Stores is only $8.99 and the book is only $9.97)


boomama said...

I got chillbumps reading this. No kidding. I cannot WAIT to see them here...fingers crossed that it all works out schedule-wise.

Love your heart, Miss GiBee... :-)

Shalee said...

Love your heart indeed! They should hire you as an ad manager or professional roadie (in a good sense).

Oh, I want that CD and since Boomama didn't rig it to make sure that I got one of her freebies, I guess I'll go get one myself.

Thanks for the fab review!

Susanne said...

Oh how I wish they were doing the tour sometime in Canada.

Stacey said...

How cool that you got to be there for the opening concert. I can't wait to check them out!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I think I may have caught something about this tour one night on TBN. And I have heard Nassar preach on TBN, he is very passionate.Sounds like you had a great evening. How cool to be singing songs that are straight from scripture. I will have to get a copy.
I don't know if you caught my comment a several days ago--but I gave you the Thinker Blog Award. I loved your post on the foot washing at your church.

SeaBird said...

I love Mac Powell's voice...I will have to check out this CD!

Unknown said...

We have both the CD and just got the book on Monday...it is the most anointed project we've encountered in a long, long time...we fight over who gets to listen at work, and right now I have custody of the book:-)

It's designed as a devotional, so get two copies if you don't want to battle for it (and win) like me:-)

Carol said...

Wow! I have got to hear this! I'll definitely go see them if they ever come anywhere near Far Western Suburbia - I'd even drive into the city...or another city to see them.

Thanks, GiBee!