Friday, April 27, 2007

Extreme Fashion KILLS!

For those of you that know me well, will read this, and will simply shake your head back and forth, sarcastically thinking to yourselves ... "What a shocker." Or, "typical."

Anyway ... I am not graceful. Oh, I try to be... but I'm not. In fact, sometimes my husband will jokingly call me Grace (as in ... lack there of), or Jane (as in, Calamity Jane). Top that off with a new fashion, and you get a disaster waiting to happen.

Today, I put on a pair of wide leg denim pants (similar to the ones down below but without the drawstring or side pockets). Mind you, this is only the second time I'm wearing these pants, so what I'm about to tell you came as a total surprise to me. Total.

I got to work, feeling all fashionable and cute, and I bumped into a friend of mine on my way in to the office, and ... as we were climbing the stairs to our cubes, it happened. I fell UP the stairs. Yes, ladies and gents ... UP the stairs.

So, why do I title my post: Extreme Fashion Kills? Because the wide leg pants are so wide, that I stepped on them on my way up the stairs, causing me to fall. And almost break my neck. And die. See where I'm going with this? Yeah.

How embarrassing.

Fortunately, my friend that was going up with me is just as clumsy, so we both had a good chuckle over it. At my expense. And now, so do you. Lovely.

So, take this as a warning: Extreme Fashion CAN Kill. Your pride.

Hey -- have a great weekend, stay away from extreme fashion, and share Jesus' love with someone, m'kay?


Donnetta said...

Oh My Goodness... are you ok???

We really must get together sometime and we could fall up stairs together. I am about as graceful. It seems I am always sporting a bruise of some kind.

We would get along smashingly... I can tell. (or else kill each other by tripping over one another.) :-)

Happy Friday and Blessed (safe) weekend to you friend!

Susanne said...

Don't feel bad, been there done that! I've fallen up stairs, down stairs and where there are no stairs at all.

And speaking of fashion, tagged you at my post today!

Jessica said...

I think I have fallen UP more steps than down them. I have also tripped due to wide leg can kill your pride. I hope you are okay!

kpjara said...

add to that overly large feet and your feet CAN and WILL get lodged in the pants as you step and you'll fall and still can't get your foot out...almost pulling the pants down!

I'm laughing with you sister, laughing with you!

Stacey said...

Those are some cute and comfy looking pants GiBee! Don't worry, I'm not very graceful either... I think it comes with being a mama!

Dawn said...

I am a total and complete klutz. I can see myself doing just that.

I just wanted to tell you that I was going back to see when I started blogging, and it was right after Diane from Partners in Prayer did a welcome home for my son, Kevin. He was coming home from Teen Challenge after being gone 17 months and being delivered from heroine addiction. You were realizing that many of us are related out there in blogland, and realized that Kristen was his sister. I said all that to say this. I wonder if you have caught Kev's and my series that we're doing together on his journey through addicction. Kristen and I did the series on anorexia and then I asked him if he'd be willing to write his story with me. We've done 7 chapters so far, and I don't know if you've been by to read any of them. But I thought you might like to get in on it, if you haven't. If not, just ignore. Part VII is up for each of us (he does his on his wife's, which I link), but they're also all linked on my sidebar.

Shalee said...

This is exactly why we make good friends. When (not if you notice) I fall on my butt from going up the stairs, down the stairs or even if there were NO STAIRS AT ALL, I know that you would be there to laugh with me (okay AT me) and help me get back up. And then you would help to make things better by suggesting chocolate ice cream because that is what good friend do.