Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lovin' on Heather

Today's the day!

BooMama has posted the "Make A Donation" button, and if you are feeling led by the Holy Spirit to donate towards the Love Offering to help Heather and Mark with the trip expenses to Mayo Clinic, and possibly some of the new medical bills they will be mounting as they fight back on this newly diagnosed brain tumor, then please ... GO HERE and click on the "Make A Donation" button to help out.

The minimum donation is just one dollar - but certainly, if you are feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit, you may give more if you’d like. Your transaction will be completely secure via the wonderful folks at PayPal, and you can pay with your own PayPal account, your bank account, or a major credit card.

If you want to donate, but are unable to at this time, BooMama has promised to leave the "Make A Donation" button active for a few weeks.

If you don’t feel led to give or are not able to give, it's okay... your prayers and thoughts for Heather and her family will be greatly appreciated, as they are a mighty tool in battling this tumor!

Thanks ... and may God richly bless you for your support.

CLICK HERE to read Heather's blog... You will be touched.

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Shalee said...

Did it and I love the whole idea.

BTW, LOVE your new profile picture. You're such a babe with those cool glasses. Having a handsome boy in front of you helps too!